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TD Autographs is committed to Authenticity. We too have been on the buying end of autographs, and we know that our biggest fear has always been the authenticity of our favorite player’s signature. There are somel very important ways that TD Autographs GUARANTEES Authenticity:

The TD Autograph Four -Step Authenticity process
For the peace of mind of each of our customers, we have developed a four-step process for autograph authenticity:

Step 1 - Observation
Every signing is witnessed by one of the principals of TD Autographs. Eyewitness remains the number one way to guarantee authenticity!

Step 2 - Hologram
A symbol of authenticity that has been synonymous with the business is the hologram, and you can know that when you see the official Tim Tebow hologram, you are receiving a 100% authentic item.

Step 3 – Certificate of Authenticity
A certificate of authenticity is assigned to every piece of memorabilia, giving each customer the ability to feel 100% confident about their purchase.

Step 4 – Proof Photograph
A proof photo of the athlete signing the purchased item is included with each purchase. This gives you the ability to feel like you were right there as your item was signed.